[TIP] Sign your documents digitally – Never use paper again

A lot of us are used to the traditional manner when it comes to signing the deals. With globalisation of work, a larger percentage of deals are being done online and most of us are used to doing it by printing a copy, signing it and then scanning it. This can be a pain when you’re on the move not to mention the waste of paper that you will probably never use again.

You can sign a pdf or any other document on your computer itself with a free pdf reader Foxit.


The PDF Sign feature lets you create and manage your signatures that can be reused in future once created.


You can use a digital pen input device to create these signatures on your computer or import the scan of your signature. You can also take a photo of your signature using your phone and import it.

This small tip should now let you sign all your documents digitally and save you heaps of time and paper.

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