How to get the right spellchecker in firefox

How often have you found yourself in the situation where you know you’ve spelt something right but your browser starts nagging you to change the spelling. Very often? Yes, I feel your pain. Fortunately, this problem can be resolved very easily by installing the correct dictionary.

Click in the textbox below and see if you are seeing a spelling error for British spellings.

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If you are seeing the red line underneath the british spellings, install the dictionary as shown below.


Step 1. Right click on the erroneous spellings
Step 2. Click ‘Languages’ > ‘Add Dictionaries…’

I prefer installing the British dictionary but you can also install Australian, NZ, Canadian or several other options available on the page you’ll be redirected to.

install dictionary in firefox

Install the dictionary and restart the browser and this should solve your issue of spell check in firefox.

Your browser should now give you an option of selecting the right ‘language’.
language options

Alternatively, you can also verify the successful install of your dictionary on the addons page.

Languages in firefox

The installed Dictionaries can be managed on the addons page which is accessed by pressing ctrl+shift+a on windows and cmd+shift+a on mac.

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